Dr. Stevens

Dr. Stevens has been a dedicated staff member of the Red Devils Basketball Academy(RDA) since August, 2015. During that time, she served in the role of consultant, operating as a liaison to facilitate sound communication between student-athlete’s parents and coaching staff. She also coordinates all correspondence to administrative faculty and staff of colleges and universities and manages a cross section of the entire program to ensure that it complies with current educational standards. Since November, 2016, Dr. Stevens was promoted to Dean of Academic Affairs. Dean Stevens helps develop and implement the academic vision for the academy, long range academic planning, academic policies, procedures and systems, course offerings and schedules, faculty workloads and committee assignments. Dean Stevens is responsible for RDA’s accreditation requirements, the assessment and evaluation of academic programs, joint program development and course offerings with other schools and divisions within the college.

Dean Stevens, a graduate from the University of Notre Dame, received an M.A. and Ph.D. from the Counseling Psychology Program. Dean Stevens is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist.