Q. Does the tuition have to be paid in full or is it possible to make payments?
A. Tuition can be paid in 4 installments or 2 installments after the initial deposit ($3,000.00) is made.  All athletes will be provided a tuition agreement to be signed by their family member.

Q. Where do the student-athletes live during the season?
A. All non local players will be at the Bellamy Daytona , just steps away from international speedway.

Q. Do the student-athletes live on their own and is there security?
A. The Collegiate Village Inn (housing option) will have 24 hour security as well as coaches living on the premises to fully monitor the Red Devils Basketball Academy players.

Q. What meals are included in the meal plan?
A. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided every day while at home. Meals are also provided on the road.

Q. Where are the meals prepared?
A. Meals are provided by the restaurant at the Collegiate Village Inn.

Q. What classes are offered by Red Devils Basketball Academy (RDA)?
A. All student-athletes are required to attend our ACT/SAT course (if needed) unless qualified and taking online college courses.

Q. Can the student-athlete earn college credit hours while attending RDA?
A. The NCAA allows each individual to register for up to 9 credit hours per
semester during the academic year. All college courses are to be taken virtually, online (athletes provide their own computer) through their local, in-state community college.

Our goal is to ensure that the student-athlete is academically qualified (through test prep and scores) for the appropriate collegiate program  as well as staying on top of their general college credits.

Q. What percentage of former players have gone on to collegiate programs?
A. At least 85% of our student-athletes have or are playing at the collegiate level.  However, we will place every player in the best collegiate basketball program based on their talent level for the highest possible scholarship amount.

Q. What teams does the RDA compete against as a post-graduate/preparatory academy?
A. Our schedule consists of post graduate programs across the country as well as junior college (JUCO) and other collegiate programs.

Q. How many games are played during the season?
A. A minimum of 30 games are scheduled for the regular season.

Q. How does the team travel to and from all games?
A. The team travels via a team bus and team vans.

Q. When does registration start for the upcoming season?
A. Registration is open currently and remains open until September based on roster availability.  Availability is extremely limited and is "first come, first serve" based on the $3,000 deposit!

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